Articles Our numbers continue to grow as we continue to struggle for our rights.

Despite Israel’s Wars, Ethnic Cleansing and Hatred, Palestinians Continue to Grow in Number

By Dr. Fayez Rasheed They’re killing our people in genocides, they’re torturing and arresting our children and they’re burning them alive. Israelis wish for the Palestinians…

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We either live in dignity together or continue to perish alone, warring tribes and grief-stricken nations. (

Forget Daesh: Humanity is at Stake

By Ramzy Baroud I still remember that smug look on his face, followed by the matter-of-fact remarks that had western journalists laugh out loud. “I’m…

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The drive for domination is the root cause of war.

The Karma of Terror

By William T. Hathaway Terrible terrorists are killing our soldiers in their countries and killing us here at home. How can we stop them? The…

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IS and JS have a shared strategy: A perpetual conflict between Islam and the West.

‘War on Terror’ Made Us Unsafe

By Jamal Kanj On a Thursday night, terrorists blew themselves up in the streets of Beirut. The next day, co-ordinated terrorist attacks in des rues…

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By Uzma Falak My grandmother wove dreams on her spinning wheel, invoked you in her songs. I memorized the rhyme. My mother treasured your olives— a…

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Sheikh Raed Salah. (Via Aljazeera)

On the Banning of the Islamic Movement in 48 Palestine

By Lama Khater History has proven that the stupidest measure any occupying power anywhere can take is to strip an effective and influential political and…

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Hopes for an end to the persecution of the Rohingya minority remain bleak. (Zoriah,net)

Rohingya vs the Generals: How To Forge A Democracy And Get Away With It

By Ramzy Baroud Writing in the New York Times in an article entitled “Myanmar generals set the stage for their own exit,” Thomas Fuller expressed…

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ISIS is the progeny of those in Washington, London and Paris who, in conspiring to destroy Iraq, Syria and Libya, committed an epic crime against humanity.

From Pol Pot to ISIS: The Blood Never Dried

By John Pilger  In transmitting President Richard Nixon’s orders for a “massive” bombing of Cambodia in 1969, Henry Kissinger said, “Anything that flies on everything…

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Palestinians know now that the source of their freedom is not found in the UN and western governments, but in themselves.

Banging Your Heart against Some Mad Bugger’s Wall

By Vacy Vlazna Mohammed, now 6, and Jihad, now 4, have missed their mother, Shireen’s happiness that has been shrouded by grief over the past…

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UNRWA’s Institutional Presence and Neutrality

By Ramona Wadi In his address to the UN General Assembly’s Fourth Committee on Decolonisation, UNRWA Commissioner General Pierre Krähenbühl gave a detailed overview of…

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The road to the bombings in Paris began with the invasion of Iraq. (

The Long Road to the Paris Massacres

By Jeremy Salt Let us be crystal clear about this. The road to the bombings in Paris began with the invasion of Iraq. It ran…

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Just as the roots of terror lie within our own hands, so do the roots of an altruistic humanitarian outlook.

Roots of Terror

By Jim Miles I was sickened to hear and watch the events occurring in France. Part of that was for the immediate families, friends and…

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It is time for a new resolution 3379, something with teeth that will wake Israel up and push it to admit its sins.

On Zionism and Racism: Time to Rekindle UN Spark

By Eric Walberg UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently held a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the squashing of UN resolution 3379, equating Zionism…

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Image from CCTV video shows a raid by Israeli forces disguised with fake beard as they enter Al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron.

Attacks within Hospitals Lack all Morality

By Dr. Aayesha J Soni On the 12thof November, 20-30 men arrived at the al-Ahly hospital in Hebron in two mini vans at around three…

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The Free Zone | Blog
  • November 24, 2015

    Kerry Supports Israeli 'Self-defense' against 'Senseless Terrorism'

    US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday expressed support for Israel's right to "defend" itself from "terrorism" and "senseless violence," in comments that will be viewed as deeply disappointing by Palestinians. - Speaking before a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, Kerry said: "It is very clear to us that the terrorism, these acts of terrorism which have been taking place, deserve... More →
  • November 24, 2015

    Palestinian Shot, Injured after Alleged Car Attack Injures 4 Israelis

    A Palestinian man was shot and wounded after he allegedly rammed his car into a group of Israeli security personnel, injuring four, at Tappuah junction in the northern West Bank district of Nablus on Tuesday morning, Israeli police said. - Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said that Israeli police shot and wounded the Palestinian following what he described as a "terrorist attack." He said that the area had... More →
  • November 23, 2015

    Palestinian, 16, Shot Dead after Killing Israeli Near Ramallah

    A Palestinian man was shot dead after stabbing and killing an Israeli soldier on Route 443 west of Ramallah on Monday, Israel's army said. - An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma'an that a "Palestinian murdered an Israeli and wounded another in a stabbing attack" with the injured victim evacuated for treatment. - Israeli forces responded on site to the incident and shot dead the Palestinian attacker, the spokesperson... More →
  • November 23, 2015

    Palestinian Girl Shot Dead after Alleged Attack near Jerusalem Market (VIDEO)

    Israeli forces shot two Palestinian teenage girls, killing one and wounding the other, after they were allegedly involved in a stabbing attack near a central Jerusalem market on Monday morning, Israeli police said. - Israeli media initially reported that two Israelis were wounded in the alleged attack, although a spokesperson for Hadassah hospital later confirmed that one of those injured was a 70-year-old Palestinian... More →
  • November 23, 2015

    Hamas Criticizes Ki-moon's 'Silence' on Israeli War Crimes

    The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas has claimed that the killing of a Palestinian girl near the Hawara checkpoint in the north of the West Bank represents a “serious war crime”. - The spokesman for the movement, Sami Abu Zuhri, said in a written statement released yesterday that: “The Israeli crimes will lead the Palestinian people to continue their uprising to defend themselves and develop it by all possible... More →
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