Articles Several recent developments have brought the Israeli role into the open.

Israeli Role in Syrian Conflict Brought into the Open

By Nicola Nasser Overtly, the Israeli superpower of the Middle East has been keen to posture as having no role whatsoever in the four-year old…

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Kabul, Afghanistan. (

The Unspeakable in Afghanistan

By Patrick Kennelly – Kabul 2014 marks the deadliest year in Afghanistan for civilians, fighters, and foreigners. The situation has reached a new low as…

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European Parliament has missed a rare opportunity to be relevant. (Via PressTV)

Pro-Palestine Parliaments: Hopes and Danger

By John V. Whitbeck European parliamentary resolutions urging their governments to recognize the State of Palestine must be followed by actual recognitions of the State…

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Arabs met Kerry in an effort to persuade Washington not to exercise its veto. (Via Aljazeera/file)

US Feels the Heat on Palestine Vote at UN

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth The floodgates have begun to open across Europe on recognition of Palestinian statehood. On Friday the Portuguese parliament became the…

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There is little evidence to show that such 'awesomeness' will cease anytime soon.

Whitewashing CIA Torture: ‘We Are (not so) Awesome’ after All

By Ramzy Baroud “This is not who we are. This is not how we operate,” were the words of President Barack Obama commenting on the…

Dec 16 2014 / Read More » /
Abu Ein was a ranking member of the Fatah revolutionary council. (MEE)

How the Media Whitewashed the Murder of Ziad Abu Ein

By Jamal Kanj Israel has just committed another high-profile murder in the West Bank killing 55-year-old Ziad Abu Ein, a minister without portfolio in the…

Dec 15 2014 / Read More » /
General Philip Mark Breedlove, the seventeenth Supreme Allied Commander Europe. (CBC)

NATO’s General Breedlove about the Long War

By Jim Miles Evan Solomon, of CBC’s The House, recently had an interview with NATO’s current leading figure, four star General Philip Mark Breedlove, the…

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Western countries have used Israel to advance Western imperial interests, with remarkable levels of hypocrisy and racism. (WH)

Herzl’s Vision Realized: Israel as ‘Outpost of Western Civilisation in Asia’

By Chandra Kumar The central role of the Zionist movement in the establishment of Israel and in the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians…

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Each time I’ve left a U.S. prison, I’ve felt as though I was leaving the scene of a crime. (

Drones and Discrimination: Kick the Habit

By Kathy Kelly On December 10, International Human Rights Day, federal Magistrate Matt Whitworth sentenced me to three months in prison for having crossed the…

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Despite the fact he was a high-ranking official, he often attended local grassroots events. (Oren Ziv/MEE)

Eyewitness Account; Death of Ziad Abu Ein, ‘Choked’ by Israeli Soldier

By Oren Ziv Today in the West Bank village of Turmus Aya, I attended a protest marking International Human Rights Day. Protesters marched in the…

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Eric Garner; Michael Brown; Ezell Ford. The list goes on.. (Family photo via Facebook; YouTube screenshot; KTLA screenshot)

‘I Can’t Breathe’: Racism and War in America and Beyond

By Ramzy Baroud America’s ruling elites are blatant in their intentions of maintaining “white privilege” at home and economic dominance by military means abroad. Their…

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Netanyahu likes hearing the sound of his own voice delivering orations at the UN or before Congress. (C-SPAN)

Israel’s Upcoming Election: Why It Doesn’t Matter

By Richard Silverstein What if they called an election and nobody came? That’s about what I feel about the coming March election, which Bibi Netanyahu has precipitated for…

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Tuning Out Jerusalem


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